Review: Clash Of The Titans

The word dreadful is not a sufficiently strong enough negative term to describe the remake of Clash with the Titans. If you want to avoid scanning this review, just realize that, for your own benefit, keep away from Clash from the Titans. There is nothing redeeming regarding the movie and I can almost guarantee you will go out shaking your face and wishing you could have the wasted time back.

For individuals who are required more convincing, please keep reading.

Clash of the Titans is the story of Perseus (Sam Worthington), a demi-god as well as the son of Zeus (Liam Neeson). Mankind decides to go to war using the gods who created them and Perseus, raised as being a man, sides with man despite learning who his true father is. It is, of course, based on Greek mythology. It is understandable why someone may wish to create a movie based on Greek mythology, yet it’s baffling which they been able to make the material boring rather than compelling.

That I had to endure the movie in “pseudo-3D” got increasingly painful. The “3D” effects made the actors and sets seem like a number of cardboard cutouts hopping around on the screen. Scratch that, I would have enjoyed the movie more been there been made with cardboard cutouts. At least it could have captured some with the independent charm of South Park. Instead, ดูซีรีย์เกาหลี could not help but think regarding the huge amounts of money spent on the 3D tricks. Artists worked on the imagery for a lot of time and then have them made to resemble escapees from the pop-up book. This movie may single-handedly ruin the 3D parade that Hollywood appears to be putting much faith in. I, for one, will likely never see another “3D” movie again.

The original had the fantastic work of Ray Harryhausen. Harryhausen’s stop motion models, jerky animation and, have a lot more character and soul than any from the slick 3D imagery in Clash of the Titans.

That Liam Neeson and Ralp Fiennes decided to act with this part of tripe is sad. They are on the stage from the careers where they should know a fantastic script from a bad and really should be capable of choose whatever they act in. I will provide a free pass to Sam Worthington. Worthington is surely an up and coming young actor because of the possiblity to star in the big budget Hollywood movie. You certainly can’t fault him when deciding to take the role and I do not think starring with this movie will slow this rising star.

I do not have anything good to say on Clash from the Titans. The writing was horrible, the acting was substandard, the editing was choppy, and also the effects were lame. The ridiculous tacked on “3D” effects that men and women are charged more to pass through just seals its fate as one of, or else the worst, bit Hollywood releases of the year.